Mauro Bertoli

Taiji quan Yang style Master

Mauro Bertoli

Mauro Bertoli, president of ARTY, began his martial art training since he was a child, practicing JUDO and then KARATE. In 1985 he practiced SHAOLIN KUNG FU with Master CHANG DSU YAO, achieving the black belt rank.

In 1987 he has started practicing TAI CHI CHUAN (TAIJIQUAN) style “YANG” with Master CHANG DSU YAO. From that moment he has begun to move away gradually from the external styles and to put his heart and soul into the study of TAI CHI CHUAN, achieving after few years the black belt rank and the qualification of Instructor.

After the death of the Head Master of the School, he attended several courses and seminars with leading figures of this martial art, such as: FRANCO MESCOLA, CHEN ZHENG LEI, GIANNI GROPPELLI, YANG JWIN MING, CHANG YU SHIN, XU XIN.

In 1994 together with other practitioners he founded the association “GROUP 108” with the aim of studying and spreading the Chinese internal styles.

In 1995 he met Master YANG LIN SHENG and he started training under him, achieving the black belt rank in TAI CHI CHUAN style “CHEN” and YI CHUAN.

He keeps on attending seminars of several internal styles with the highest-profile Masters, such as: LIU CHUN YAN, CHEN XIAO WANG, GUO ZHI GUI, XUE BIN.

In 2001 he made a long study trip in CHINA practicing with different Masters.

He collaborated with the publisher FEDERICO MOTTA on drafting an encyclopaedia, treating the topic of the art of Tai Chi Chuan.

e continues his training attending to several workshops with SAM MASICH.

He has been teaching to the International “Tai Chi Tcho” Workshop 2015 at La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH) and he will be there to teach again in 2017. In 2017 he will be attending as a teacher to the 6th International Push Hands Meeting in Prague (CZ).

He has more than 20 years of teaching experience (especially on Tai Chi Chuan style “Yang”, Chi Kung Sword and Tui Shou), gained by teaching in courses and seminars in Italy and abroad.