Maximiliano Motta

Yi Quan and Taiji quan Chen style Master

Maximiliano Motta

Maximiliano Motta started his martial education at the age of 13, with the practice of the Shaolin Quan at the Chang Dsu Yao School where, at the age of 17, he started studying the Tai Chi Chuan Yang style.

At the age of 20 he met Master Yang Lin Sheng, with whom he started the everyday practice of Yi Quan, Tai Chi Chuan Chen Style and of the Xing Yi Quan. Together with Master Yang he attended a variety of seminars and achieves the qualification of Master in 2005.

He started teaching in Milan in 2000 and in the following years he held seminars in Varese, Parma, Milan.

In 1998 he spent two months in China, as a guest of  Master Yang. Here he could improve and refine his qualities with high-level Masters in Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

In 2013, together with a group of qualified friends, he created ARTY (Associazione Ricerche Taijiquan Yiquan) with the aim of spreading and enhancing these disciplines.

On november 2015 he was invited to teach at Tai chi Tcho, international meeting in Switzerland and then also at the International Tui Shou meeting in Prague.
His experience in ARTY is developed also through seminars with famous Taijiquan Masters like Xue Bin, Sam Masich and others.